Why PEPtalk

PEPtalk is a program to arm you with information, skill, and confidence you need to engage in Shared Decision Making (SDM) with your healthcare professional- a proven solution for improving health outcomes. PEPtalk programs are online Shared decision making Aids that help you become an "Activated Patient". Activated patients are equipped to make better healthcare decisions and are more satisfied with their treatment. Your healthcare is personal –your decisions should be too!

PEPtalk SDM programs use 4 steps:

Step One: Be informed.

The more you learn and know the better you can discuss your healthcare needs with your clinician. Being informed for decision-making is not the same as just learning about a disease-it involves exploring treatment options and their benefits and risks to you. PEPtalk offers an interesting, easy to understand, and interactive learning experience in several disease areas covering:

  • Effects on your health,
  • Signs and symptoms
  • What to expect if the condition is left untreated
  • Treatment options and what you can expect in terms of
    • improvements
    • side effects
    • potential risks
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Long-term success strategies

Step Two: Discuss your needs with your clinician.

Once you have explored treatment options, it is important to share your concerns and preferences for each option. You should also identify barriers in your life and what it is about treatment that is most important to you. Asking questions and expressing concerns is easy with PEPtalk because it captures your feedback throughout the program.

Step Three: Decide on the best therapy for you.

Once you are informed and have shared your concerns with your clinician, together you can decide on the best possible therapy. Deciding together means you will be happier and more satisfied with the results. PEPtalk allows you to decide on your preferred therapy.

Step Four: Take Action on the decision.

Once you have made the decision it is valuable to have a plan to put the decision into action-what to do, how to do it, and when. PEPtalk is unique in that it captures your input throughout the program and creates a personal Action Plan to reference and use in your discussions. The Action Plan will guide you in implementing your therapy successfully.