Our Approach

An informed consumer has the opportunity to become a smarter consumer, better equipped to make healthy choices.

Former US Senate Majority Leader and nationally recognized heart and lung transplant surgeon.

Healthcare consumers want to be equipped with actionable knowledge that can affect their health. Over 80% of Americans say they search the internet for healthcare information and want access to healthcare technology. What is the top reason that seniors “go online”? “To find health information.”

These "activated consumers" are more likely to manage their health. Yet two of three people say finding information is difficult.

As you utilize PEPtools, PEPtalk is a program to arm you with the information, skill, and confidence you need to engage in Shared Decision Making with your healthcare professional- a proven solution for improving health outcomes. PEPtalk programs are online Shared Decision Making Aids that help you become an "Activated Patient". Activated patients are equipped to make better healthcare decisions and are more satisfied with their treatment. Your healthcare is personal –your decisions should be too!

Unique to using PEPtalk is creating your own personal Action Plan to use in a discussion with your clinician. The Action Plan:

  • Captures your input regarding questions and concerns
  • Incorporates your preferences for what you value as important
  • Documents information for what to do to successfully self-manage your condition in a personal Action Plan.