Can You Describe the Pain of Gout?

Why does gout hurt?

How painful is gout?

Imagine the worst pain you have ever felt. Some descriptions from patients who have suffered a gout attack include

  • “feels like shattered glass in my joint”,
  • “similar to breaking a bone”,
  • “like a knife stabbing my foot”,
  • “even an overhead fan created stabs of pain”.

Women often described the pain as “worse than the pain of childbirth”. A physician who experienced gout pain himself said, “Gout is no joke”. Another patient even described gout pain as worse than anything experienced during armed forces training and combat.

“Overwhelming pain”- that is the consensus of many who have suffered from gout flares and chronic gout.

One patient described a gout attack that happened on an important business trip. The pain was so intense, he cut the top of his expensive leather shoes to relieve the pressure on his toe. Sleeping with this kind of pain is near impossible and it can last for days.

What can you do?

  • There are pain scales to measure your gout pain –Go to and choose “jointsaflame”-a course to provide you with the information you need on gout. See how you rate your gout pain.
  • See your healthcare provider to discuss your gout pain. They can help you decide on a plan for treatment.